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When you smile you are not just displaying your teeth, but your gums as well. If your teeth are bright and straight but your gums are red, bleeding or swollen it will definitely impact your smile. Unhealthy gums stand out, so you want to clear up any gum issues when they arise.

In the early stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis, the gum tissue is inflamed by the buildup of sticky bacterial film called plaque as well as tartar at the gum line. Tartar forms when accumulated plaque hardens. Your dentist clears the tartar from the gums and gum line during your deep dental cleanings. If you don’t have a dentist maintain your gum health, untreated gingivitis can progress into periodontitis.

What to look for in your gum health to see if something is going on:

–Gums which are tender to the touch
–Bright red or even deep purple gum tissue
–Inflamed gums
–Bleeding gums
–Tender gums
–Swollen gums

In advanced periodontitis, tartar buildup will cause the gums to pull back from the teeth. If this happens, pockets in your gums develop which will harbor bacterial infection. Ongoing inflammation in the gums can result in systemic inflammation as well, weakening your immune system. Over time infected gum tissue can cause loss of the bone material which anchors the teeth. This could even cause the affected teeth to loosen and fall out.

You can reverse the early stages of periodontitis by increasing attention to your daily brushing and flossing routine. Once gum disease has advanced and your gum health has deteriorated, you will need a dentist or periodontist to intervene with possible surgery or antibiotics. To avoid this, keep your dental cleanings and take care of your teeth and gums every single day!

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