Teeth whitening, also known as bleaching, is a safe and effective way to remove tooth stains and brighten teeth. If you are unhappy with the unattractive tooth stains that make your teeth appear yellow or dull, we can help!

Tooth discoloration can be caused by many different things, including:

  • Stains from coffee, tea, red wine, berries, soda, or any drink or food with dark pigmentation
  • Ingestion of excess fluoride while teeth are forming
  • Tobacco use
  • Trauma to the mouth and teeth
  • The natural aging process
  • Plaque and tartar deposits
  • Use of the antibiotic Tetracycline during childhood

The safest way to whiten your teeth is to have a professional whiten your teeth for you. At our office, Dr. Karagiannis uses the Opalescence whitening system to help you achieve a radiant smile. Call Advanced Dental Concepts today to schedule your next Opalescence whitening appointment!